VSR 301 Turbocharger Core-Balancing Machine

VSR 301
The New Turbo Technics VSR 301 has been designed with the small to medium-sized workshop in mind and has the capacity to balance around 20 Centre Housing Rotating Assemblies (CHRAs) during a typical eight-hour shift. The 301 replaces the 300, which in turn was an evolution of the original MK3.
Even as an entry-level balancing machine, the VSR 301 has the same speed and phase measuring capability as the more sophisticated VSR 400 and as such achieves an overall system accuracy of ±2%.

The VSR 301 is used in conjunction with Turbo Technics’ patented user configurable multi-adapter system, in addition to the standard range of slave turbine housings, which allows any turbo up to a maximum turbine wheel diameter of 70mm (2 3/4”) to be balanced. During each run, the operator retains total control of the speed of the core by means of a hand-operated air valve. However, the design of the air system is such that the core cannot exceed its safe operating speed, irrespective of the turbo model under test. Throughout the test, the level of vibration is displayed against rotational speed in real-time. After each run, the operator positions a cursor on the touch-screen to display the balancing position at critical speeds.

If the CHRA is outside the balance limit the display screen indicates the position for the removal of metal. Material is removed from the nose note using the cutting tool provided.
The process is repeated until such time as the CHRA achieves the desired vibration limits. On completion of the balancing process, excess oil can be purged from the CHRA. Once the core has been successfully balanced, the data can be stored on a USB memory stick against the turbocharger part number / serial number. The resulting graph may also be printed to a Windows printer.

The VSR 301 has been designed with a quick-change mechanism so that changeover between the standard range of slave turbine housings should take no more than around 30 seconds. Please click here for a full adapter application list.

Further details on the VSR 301 including a full technical specification can be obtained from Turbo Technics or its authorised distributors.

The VSR 301 incorporates the following features:
• Touch-screen computer interface
• Max turbine wheel diameter 70mm (2 3/4”)
• Test speeds to 250,000 rpm
• Safety cabinet with protective lock
• Simple installation
• 24-month parts warranty

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