Vane flow Test Rig

Turbo Technics are pleased to announce the launch of the new Vane Flow Test Rig or VTR.

After several years of development and in-house use, Turbo Technics are pleased to announce that they will be making their vane-flow test rig (VTR) commercially available.

The Turbo Technics VTR has been developed as part of a remanufacturing programme for OE variable geometry turbos specifically for vehicle manufacturers.

The same technology is now available in the aftermarket to meet the needs of an ever growing demand from within the turbo repair and remanufacturing industry for variable geometry turbos.

The VTR is designed to re-calibrate the flow of variable geometry turbos to the manufacturers’ original specifications. Remanufacturers and repairers can now have the confidence to rebuild turbos fitted with variable geometry mechanisms in the knowledge that they can now reset those mechanisms to OE equivalent settings.

The VTR can control both pressure and vacuum actuators as standard with plug-in electronic actuator drivers available as additional items.