Exchange turbos

Turbochargers require looking after in the same way your car does. However, if they are mistreated, then varying degrees of failure can occur.

Turbo TechnicsFailures can range from oil seals breaking down if the turbo is not allowed to cool before the engine is switched off to a problem with the car’s air filtration system that allows foreign bodies to enter the turbocharger compressor.

Whatever the reason, if your turbo is beginning to fail, then a Turbo Technics service exchange replacement will often cost considerably less than one from the manufacturer itself but offer at least the same quality as a minimum.  Click here to download our turbocharger catalogue (PDF format)

Operated on an exchange basis for your existing turbo, our replacement units are built to at least the car manufacturer’s specification and in many cases, they exceed the original tolerances. Where necessary, new parts are used and the entire assembly is checked, double-checked and tested on our in-house developed equipment. This ensures that your replacement unit will, at the absolute minimum, provide the performance and reliability of the original.

However, the one thing that bears no comparison with the original is the cost; in most cases, a Turbo Technics Service Exchange turbo will cost a fraction of the same unit direct from the manufacturer.