Quality Replacement Turbochargers

Turbo Technics = Quality Turbochargers

Who wants a replacement turbo which ends up more trouble than the original ?

Unfortunately we hear of many examples where a repaired turbocharger ends up either worse than the one taken off or fails after just a few weeks in service.

Turbo Technics’ quality is real – we understand that our reputation is as good as the last turbo we supplied.

We have been building turbochargers since 1981, during which time many thousands of turbos have passed through the remanufacturing process. We don’t use cheap sub-standard turbo bearings, fill-in cracks or make do with worn out second hand parts.

Every single turbo remanufactured by Turbo Technics is built to the highest standards possible, in accordance with the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Every turbo is also rigorously tested to simulate the boost operation as if it was fitted to an engine.
The VSR core-balancing machine spins the turbo up to 250,000 rev/min measuring any slight imbalance which, if left, would shorten the turbo’s life. The balancing of any turbocharger is critical for both reliability and performance.

When assembly is completed, our quality control inspection team check, and double check, every turbocharger before it is dispatched.

Each unit carries its own distinct identification number, a certificate to record the VSR balance data, and the individual turbo builder’s name.

Pride in our workmanship comes as standard.