Competition turbo services by Turbo Technics

Developing turbochargers for motorsport applications is a tricky business but one that we excel at. We have developed solutions for not only our own competition vehicles but also, for major automotive manufacturers, so we know a thing or two about racing and rally turbos.

Evo compressor wheelThe key to developing a turbocharger for motorsport is understanding implicitly what the customer wants. For example, a turbo for a drag racer may well need to develop as much boost as possible at mid to high engine revs, where the driver can maintain the high engine speed. However, for a rally car, it may need to give near-instant response as well as develop the performance to ensure success at all engine and road speeds.

Whatever the application, we begin with a full consultation with the client, to find out exactly what they require. If we don’t already have a suitable solution available off-the-shelf, we will develop one. With our experience, we can build a unit to satisfy not only the performance requirements, but also do it reliably.

The stresses on a competition turbocharger are huge, both mechanically and thermally. Therefore, we build all our competition turbos to deal with them. In fact, they thrive on it. The bearings in the turbo core will be uprated, with the top-line bearing using needle rollers for the ultimate in turbo response. The tolerances on the turbine and impeller wheels will be perfect for the application and the entire unit will be built, checked and tested to in excess of its maximum operating speed on our VSR machines.

This ensures that a Turbo Technics competition turbo will perform reliably and consistently over the course of its life and play its part in your success.