Turbo conversions

Turbo Technics Capri conversionAfter many highly successful years of converting cars, Turbo Technics has ceased producing turbo conversions.

These conversions included a number of highly sought after models, such as the fabulous Peugeot 205 GTi, Sierra 4×4, VW Golf GTi, Capri 2.8i, XR3i and XR2. Others, probably less well known, included the Range Rover 3.9, Mercedes 300E, Vauxhall Frontera, Jaguar XJ6 and Ford Transit van.

However, Turbo Technics no longer offer ANY turbocharger conversions today,
preferring instead to concentrate on our range of unique products featured on this web site.

Please direct all enquiries to the following company:

Unit 1 Valley Road
Devon PL7 1RF
T – 01752 345880
F – 01752 346080
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