VSR features

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VSR turbo core-balancing machine – Unique features

Quick-change turbine housing adapters – change from one turbo model to another in under 30 seconds.

1. Turbine housing fixture slotted over mounting studs.

2. Rotate housing to engage.

3. Spring loaded seal ring locates on exhaust outlet.

Inserting CHRA.JPG (81950 bytes)

Integral silencer built into machine cabinet.

silencer2.JPG (22965 bytes)

Digital touch-screen display. Easy intuitive steps requires minimal training.

Screen and controls.JPG (16177 bytes)

Automated shroud operation. No need for a compressor housing.

Flap opening 1.JPG (34602 bytes) Flap opening 2.JPG (34649 bytes)
Shroud automatically….. opens and closes….
Flap opening 3.JPG (34509 bytes) Flap opening 5.JPG (35113 bytes)
as the door is raised….. or lowered.


Speeds of over 250,000 rpm.

Oil temperature control to aid cold start and idle periods.

Ergonomic design with comfortable working height, work area and storage cupboard.

Fully retrievable data storage saved onto USB stick, or direct to network.

Supersonic turbine design with excellent air economy.