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Turbo Technics Supercharged MGF is now available direct from the factory for both 1.8i and VVC engines.
Easy to live with, yet devastatingly fast – this thoroughly well engineered conversion will delight any MGF owner and demonstrate how to make an impressive car even better.


Engine Compression ratio reduced by fitting new strengthened lightweight pistons and shortened forged connecting rods designed by Turbo Technics, otherwise all internal other engine components remain standard.

Supercharger Centrifugal compressor rotating at up to 110,000 rev/min. Epicyclical traction drive system driven from the crankshaft via poly-vee belt. Small lightweight aluminium body and pulley. Dimensions 160 x 140mm. Weight 4.8kg.

Exhaust system The catalytic converter, exhaust manifold and system is retained unless otherwise specified. An uprated exhaust system may be specified as an optional extra.

Air system Air supply is through the standard air box and high flow filter element. Air to water charge cooler within integral cast aluminium inlet manifold. Minimal engine bay heat.

Fuel system Standard Unleaded 95 RON fuel. The standard injection system is retained but supplemented by twin injectors. Fuel and ignition controlled by digitally mapped ECU.

Transmission Gearbox, clutch and drive shafts remain standard.

Servicing Standard service procedure and intervals.

Supercharger is situated neatly ahead of the engine with no bodywork modifications


Performance Standard 1.8i Supercharged 1.8i Supercharged VVC
Maximum power 118bhp @ 5500rpm 190bhp @ 6500rpm 215bhp* @ 6500rpm
Maximum Torque 121lb/ft @ 4500rpm 170lb/ft @ 5000rpm 185lb/ft @ 6000rpm
0-60mph 8.5 seconds 6.3 seconds 5.5 seconds
30-50mph (4thgear) 6.6 seconds 4.9 seconds 4.6 seconds
50-70mph (4thgear) 7.0 seconds 5.2 seconds 4.8 seconds

*Includes optional stainless steel exhaust system

Warranty Turbo Technics mechanical warranty is included for a period of 12 months.

Price Fully fitted conversion including warranty 5600.00 + VAT. Optional stainless steel exhaust system 350.00 + VAT.

Important note: Cars equipped with air conditioning cannot be supercharged.