Turbo Technics’ Abarth 500 originally left the factory with 135bhp, which is enough power to have a bit of fun with a small city car. However, for those of us who like a little more performance, we thought it could do with a bit more power to spice things up a bit – almost twice the power to be exact!

From 135BHP to 260BHP – how did we achieve it?

To make the 125bhp jump we fitted our bespoke turbocharger upgrade for the Abarth 500 (the S260), and supported it with some other bolt-on upgrades and a custom map courtesy of JF Automotive. Here is the full list of upgrades:

• Turbo Technics S260 bespoke performance turbocharger and fitting kit
Scorpion stainless steel turbo-back exhaust system
• Bosch uprated injectors
• Abarth 180bhp uprated sensor pack
• Mito stage 1 organic clutch upgrade
JF Automotive custom remap
• Complete forged engine
• FMIC Airtec intercooler

We also took things a little further than most, with a mild port and polish to the head, and a set of Wossener forged rods and pistons to allow us to push the tuning without too much compromise to the reliability.

S260 – Bespoke performance turbocharger with fitting kit and upgraded pipework.

Turbo Technics’ S260 turbocharger is specifically designed to fit the Abarth 500 and, with the upgraded intake and boost hoses, unlocks the full potential of the spritely 1.4l engine. The upgraded turbine and compressor housings remove the flow restrictions of the standard turbo, allowing the engine to breathe easily throughout the rev range. The basic specification for the S260 turbocharger is as follows:
• TT spec billet compressor wheel
• Full hi-flow turbine wheel
• Turbo Technics designed bespoke nickel-alloy turbine housing
• Turbo Technics designed compressor housing
• Turbo Technics 360⁰ thrust bearing.
• Journal bearing and shaft upgrade

The price for the TT Abarth is £7000 ono. If you want to find out more, please call us on 01604 705050.

Or if you want your Abarth 500 to drive like ours, contact us for double the power and twice the fun!