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Turbo Technics, based in the United Kingdom, specialise in automotive turbochargers and specialist turbo equipment.

Founded in 1981 by Geoff Kershaw, today we are globally recognised for producing a range of VSR™ turbocharger core-balancing machines. These high speed Vibration Sorting Rigs are acknowledged by the industry as being the “World Standard” for balancing modern turbochargers.

Our re-manufactured turbochargers are assembled and tested to the original manufacturer’s standards, at a considerably lower price than new. Our stock of turbos covers virtually every car and light commercial vehicle on the road. We supply the motor trade and public direct.

Our expertise, used to design and manufacture special turbocharger components, is totally unique. The flexibility which enables us to take a new idea from the drawing board through to our fully-equipped CNC machine workshops, then into a turbocharger assembly, and finally to performance testing, all within a short period of time, is invaluable. It puts us one step ahead in the design of special Hybrid performance turbos and in the development of race and rally car turbos.

Turbo Technics is a world class company, acting as consultants to major car manufacturers, engine designers and race teams in their quest to achieve the best from turbochargers. There are very few areas in the turbo industry which have not been influenced by Turbo Technics.