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Turbo Technics Capri conversion

Turbo Technics grew its reputation in the 80s with the application of turbocharging to produce a wide range of performance road cars. Almost 4,500 conversions were produced over the years included a number of highly sought after models, such as

• Capri 2.8i and XR2 developed in conjunction with Ford
• The renowned Minker – supercar performance from a Sierra 4×4
• The fabulous Peugeot 205 GTi and VW Golf GTi – pocket rockets
• XR3i, Sierra 4×4, and Granada 4×4

Others, probably less well known, included the Range Rover 3.9, Mercedes 300E, Jaguar XJ6 and Ford Transit van.

Many of these are still owned by enthusiasts today and remain sought-after cars.

However, Turbo Technics no longer offer ANY turbocharger conversions today,
preferring instead to concentrate on the range of unique products featured on this web site.