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The introduction of smaller turbochargers, and the greater demands placed upon the balancing process by all turbo manufacturers, has created the need for a completely new balancing machine for the future.

The Turbo Technics VSR represents the very latest concept in high-speed turbo balancing. New and totally unique features combine the best of cutting edge technology, with the security and reliability which result from our experience in VSR production since 1984.

The Turbo Technics VSR was initially designed to balance Garrett T2 through to T04E, and later extended to larger turbochargers. Since its inception, it was acknowledged as the World’s industry standard for the aftermarket, and lower volume OE market.

The new Turbo Technics VSR range continues to build on the success of its predecessors, with the latest machines already being used by many prominent turbo re-manufacturers. With over 800 Turbo Technics VSR machines already in daily operation throughout the World, Turbo Technics’ credentials as a designer and manufacturer of VSR machines are second to none.

Unique features

  • Metal suspension – for greater measurement accuracy
  • Optimised operation – for low consumption of compressed air
  • High efficiency turbine design – balancing speeds up to 300,000 rpm
  • Quick change turbine adapters – change turbo model in under 30 seconds
  • Automated shroud operation – shortening cycle times
  • Integral silencer – quiet operation without additional silencing
  • Oil temperature control – to aid cold start and idle periods
  • Intuitive software – easy for the operator to understand
  • Digital display screen – easy touch-screen operation
  • Data storage – record individual balance data sets
  • Ergonomic design – for operator comfort