reman turbos

Turbo Technics understands that everyone wants to get the best deal possible on a remanufactured turbocharger without sacrificing on the highest quality and reliability of the product. As the UK’s leading turbocharger remanufacturer, we are known for our remanufacturing capabilities with products priced to reflect the quality of materials and workmanship, representing great value for money.

We are now committed to offering the best range of products to our customers at the best price. For this reason, we have decided to offer a unique price match guarantee to our new or existing customers wither retail or trade.

How does it work?

If a customer finds a more competitive price for the same product, we are committed to match it. Not every turbocharger remanufacturer has the same quality standards as Turbo Technics so there are certain conditions attached to the offer.

We will match the price for you, subject to the following:

• VAT Registered Turbocharger specialist.

• UK based company and sell directly to customers (no auction or marketplace retailers).

• Turbochargers must be remanufactured and repaired in the UK.

• Comparable quality, service repair and warranty period (subject to discretion of Turbo Technics).

• Doesn’t include other promotional offers.

• 2 years warranty or 24 000 miles.

Turbo Technics remanufactures turbochargers, which are assembled and calibrated in a dedicated turbo workshop. The exchange turbo range covers most car and light commercial vehicle models.

Each turbo is rebuilt in accordance with the original specification and the core assembly (or CHRA) is balanced using Turbo Technics VSR™ high speed core balancing equipment. All variable geometry turbos are flow calibrated to match manufacturer’s specifications using Turbo Technics VTR flow test equipment. A remanufactured turbo will provide performance, reliability and lifespan equal to that of the original.

Turbo Technics are specialists in the repair and remanufacture of automotive turbochargers and supply retail, car enthusiasts and automotive trade throughout the UK. Few areas in the turbo industry have not been influenced by Turbo Technics.