Special Offer: Get 15% off turbo actuator tester and programmer at Turbo Technics

ATP100 image on a car
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The ATP100 is a standalone turbocharger actuator tester and combined advanced programming tool. This professional device is designed to allow Hella REA electronic actuators to be tested and reprogrammed. It can copy the settings of one Hella Actuator to another or change the settings of a Hella Actuator to match a specific G-Number Gearbox. The ATP100 can also modify operation range of the actuator arm, that includes changing open and close positions of the working angle.

This unit is aimed at service personnel and turbocharger repairers and is ideal for customers with the Turbo Technics VTR100 or the VSFR.

Sophisticated yet simple to operate, the ATP100 uses a 5” full colour PCAP touch screen with a single touch ‘Auto-Detect’ feature which allows communication with almost any type of turbocharger actuator. Plug-in enable connectivity to a wide variety of actuator types.

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