After the success of the S270 and S280 turbochargers, the S290 is the logical next addition to our range of offerings for the Mk7 Fiesta ST, completing the line-up with a greater focus on track and competition use.

Primary Application Approx. Peak Horsepower
S270 Fast Road 300bhp
S280 Fast Road/Track 350bhp
S290 Track/Competition 400+bhp

The S290 unit has been designed to support a genuine peak power output of at least 400bhp, but in such a way that this output is repeatable, and the reliability of the unit isn’t compromised.  To achieve this, it has been necessary to develop a number of new components, and combine them with proven components and systems from our extensive range of parts.

Here is a reminder of the full spec:

  • T36 spec billet compressor wheel
  • Anti-surge ported compressor housing
  • K16 sized turbine wheel and shaft upgrade (various designs in test)
  • New bespoke turbine housing (large scroll)
  • K04-to-K16 converted journal bearing system
  • New large-pad 360° thrust bearing system
  • All components of Turbo Technics’ own design and specification

Further to the preliminary testing, we can now confirm that our main testing programme is due to run in late November.

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