A Turbo Technics service exchange replacement will usually cost considerably less than one from the manufacturer at an equivalent quality level.

Operated on an exchange basis for your existing turbo, our replacement units are built to match the original manufacturer’s specification. Bearings and seals are replaced as a matter of course, and other components are inspected and replaced as necessary. The core assembly is high-speed balanced and the entire assembly is checked and tested on a TT VSR. This ensures that your replacement unit will, at the absolute minimum, provide the performance and reliability of the original.

Virtually all popular models of car and van turbos are included in the Turbo Technics re-manufactured range, along with many hard-to-locate models.

  • OE Equivalent
  • Major wearing parts replaced
  • High-speed balnced on TT VSR
  • Flow set on TT VTR (VNT turbos)
  • Cost saving
  • 24 months warranty