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Where a replacement turbo is supplied prior to the old unit being received, a temporary surcharge is applied. This surcharge will be refunded following receipt of the old unit, subject to the conditions below.

The majority of turbos carry a surcharge of £75.00 plus VAT, although some high value units may be subject to a higher charge.

Surcharge is refundable as long as the old unit meets the following criteria:

Variable-vane turbo cutaway

1 – The turbo is returned complete within 14 days

2 – The returned turbo has the same part number as the turbo supplied

3 – The turbo has not sustained physical damage either through a motor accident or handling

4 – The actuator cap must not be broken

Should the above criteria not be met, a reduced refund may be made at Turbo Technics’s discretion.

Our surcharge policy is fair and open with no hidden clauses to trick you into paying more.
This is something to bear in mind when looking for a replacement turbocharger!