Vane Flow Test Rig

Vane Flow Test Rig2018-02-05T23:24:01+00:00

The introduction of smaller variable geometry turbochargers, and the precision required in setting the sensitive mechanisms, has created the need for a completely new flow setting machine for the future.

The Turbo Technics VTRs represent the very latest concept in flow testing and setting for all types of turbocharger.

The Turbo Technics VTR was initially designed to support an OE re-manufacturing programme, mimicking the same process as used in initial manufacture. This same process is now available to the remanufacturing industry.

The Turbo Technics VTR continues to build on the heritage of its long-established balancing business, with the latest machines already being used by many prominent turbo re-manufacturers. Turbo Technics VTRs are already in daily operation throughout the World, and Turbo Technics’ credentials as a designer and manufacturer of VTR machines are second to none.