VSR Multi Adapter

Patented universal adapter

VSR Multi Adapter

The multi adaptor is designed to enable balancing of a range of cores using a base turbine housing and a kit of interchangeable parts to match the dimensions of the core.  It is capable of running standard fixed geometry cores and VNT cores with turbine wheels up to 50mm exducer diameter, with options for reverse rotation.  Only the simple turned adapter ring is specific to the core being tested and can be supplied by TT or manufactured by the customer from a simple blank.

The kit of parts and self-machining option make it possible to quickly assemble an adaptor for one-off jobs without the need for a bespoke adaptor.  However, it is not intended to replace the standard turbine housing adaptors for regularly used cores – the intended purpose is for use with one-off jobs and small production quantities with high variation in core type.