The VSR3 is designed for high versatility and quick model change, and with a capacity to balance up to 20 Core Assemblies (CHRAs) during a normal working day, has been designed with the smaller workshop in mind. It is suitable for all passenger car turbochargers and also covers light truck models.
The VSR3 is the latest in a line running from the VSR Mk3 launched in 1999, with several hundred examples operating across the World – truly the backbone of the reman industry!

An air-driven slave turbine housing or TT Multi-Adapter* is used to mount and drive the CHRA at rotational speeds up to 300,000 rev/min (depending upon model size). The CHRA is run across the complete speed range, typically covering first and second vibration modes and balance is corrected using the built-in cutter.
The VSR3 is equipped with a computer for data analysis and display and Turbo Technics’ software records data in real time.
The VSR3 also features an integral workbench and drain-tray to allow work on the CHRA to be carried out quickly and cleanly

* Patented