The VTR100 is a simplified version of the VTR200, suitable for all passenger car and light commercial turbo applications, and is built to suit the needs of the smaller workshop. It is designed to set VNT mechanisms to the required flow using TT-generated software templates. Capable of setting all vacuum actuator turbos, when used in conjunction with the ATP100 actuator driver the VTR100 can also be used to set electric actuator types.
Importantly, the machine operation closely follows the methods used by OEMs on their production lines, giving a reliable setting procedure for the reman industry.
Altitude and temperature correction is incorporated within the software.

FLOW SETTING ON THE VTR100 takes place with the turbo fully assembled, placing it in the cradle and connecting the air supply with a magnetic coupling. Compressed air is supplied at precisely controlled pressure and the flow measured. Correction for altitude and temperature is applied and compared to the template. A ‘live’ adjustment is then made to the turbo’s VNT mechanism until a pass is achieved.